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    rom Zambia. Uruguay had the highest percentage of active boys, at 42 percent, while Zambia had the lowest, at 8 percent. Girls from India

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    were the most active, with 37 percent meeting exercise recommendations, while girls▓ from Egypt were the least active, with just 4 percent 

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    getting adequate exercise. Children in Mya▓nmar were the least sedentary, with 13 perc▓ent of boys and 8 percent of girls classified as sed▓e

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    64 percent of girls spending at least three hours a day in sedentary activities. While the study didn't look at the reasons behind the lack ▓of physical activity in various nations, Guthold speculated that urbanization could be a factor as well as access to cars and TVs. She said schools can help c▓hildren become more active by having physical education classes and educating students about the importance of exercise. Adding lanes for bicycles, pedestrian crossings and other c▓hanges to promote walking and biking to and from school could help too, she added. "Even with the limitations that questionnaire da▓ta (su

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